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 “I, too, want to grow even in winter,
in cold and naked times
when growth feels impossible,
want to be at once
both soft and strong.
I, too, want to be fueled by light
so I might offer shelter
for the rest of the world.”
by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer excerpt from “Aspen at heart”.

Hello dear ones, 

We can imagine that you, like us, are feeling the mountainous weight and grief of the world. In a time when cruelty and terror seem to be the currency of choice, how do we repair the rupture that has us othering one another, rather than sistering and brothering each other. When the recipe for being human is repeatedly “us” against “them”, how do we collaborate and co-create a world where connection and coexistence are the resources we tend. Perhaps we begin from within, embracing the parts inside our own bodies that have been abandoned and exiled. Perhaps we vow to keep planting seeds of ordinary beauty and scattering plumes of kindness like dandelion pods on the wings of a child’s breath.

When our hearts ache with the struggles and sufferings in the world, we find solace in the small everyday occurrences in our lives; the sound of birds singing in our backyard, sharing a meal made with love, holding hands and listening to the song of the rain. We also find refuge in the beauty of the gathering of dancers that make up this community and the movement practice that holds us. Let’s soften our bellies, extend our exhale and share our pains and troubles on the common ground of the dance floor.

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