anneli & michael first received each other dancing and felt that embrace in which two souls re-fuse to become one again. in october of 2011 they were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of their living love. michael and anneli are living their dream of inspiring people to re-discover and reconnect into their entire self through conscious movement. they meet life and people with a passion and vulnerability that offers permission to embrace our nature and personal truths. they love life truly, madly, deeply. they currently have found their way to the pacific northwest where they are nestled in the sanctuary of the olympic forest, surrounded on 3 sides by puget sound, an inlet of the pacific ocean, with snow capped mount baker and mount rainier in the background. they have wholeheartedly been embraced by the community of port townsend. both individually and collectively as a family, they are growing and knowing their most vibrant and vital selves.
“what if the healing of the world utterly depends on the
ten thousands invisible kindnesses we offer simply and
quietly throughout the pilgrimage of each human life?”
wayne muller


here are a few things that I hold sacred:
the love of my life – anneli
the miracle of that love – jaylan
justice, diversity
friends that cherish and challenge me
hugs (even more now than ever)
what i put in my body
trust, hope
choice, permission
dancing alone, dancing with you
truth (it’s complicated)

i have had the great fortune to lean on and learn from extraordinary teachers; susan harper, gabrielle roth, steve hearing, linda gold, vincent martinez, bill t. jones, kathy altman, lori saltman, andrea juhan, zuza engler, camille maureen, nina wise, david darling. i bow deeply and strive to move forward as an exemplar of their works.
i met anneli …….. and the world stopped. i am incurably and hopelessly in love and that constant smile on my face is the result of a heart that has been touched by an angel, lightly draped in human skin. we only argue about one thing: she thinks she saw me first; i know i saw her first. in october of 2011 we were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of our living love.
i would be remiss if i didn't conclude with the following truth: ssshhhh!!! i love you more!!!!



a few things that are as essential as breath to me:
the love of my life michael and our miracle jaylan
our sweet puppy girl quest
a safe place for jaylan to be himself
family and friends that touch my heart and expand my mind
the mountains
walking among trees
growing our own organic vegetables and herbs in harmony with nature
the smell of rain

anneli is living her dream of inspiring people to discover the forgotten language of their souls through the permission to embrace their sacredness and truth in movement. she believes that everyone can find their way back home into their true selves.
she experienced the 5rhythms for the first time in 1998 and instantly knew that this was her life and her passion. the dance is her souls medicine. she decided to follow her passion and become a 5rhythms teacher and received gabrielle’s blessings to be a certified 5rhythms teacher waves level in april 2005. anneli is also a certified 5rhythms heartbeat level teacher, receiving this certification in 2010.
anneli is born in the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, a small country called sweden. she met the love of her life michael dancing and there was thunder and lightning and her soul knew that his soul was her home.
she now lives truly madly deeply in love in port townsend.
when anneli was 9 years old she knew that her highest purpose in this life and her most desired dream was to become a mother. in october 2011 after a beautiful, bountiful and blissful pregnancy anneli and michael were touched and blessed by their living miracle; jaylan kyan. “nothing could have prepared my heart to open like this. I know my life has changed forever, distance will never be able to cut me off from this soul I now carry for nine months under my heart.”
anneli became a certified open floor teacher in 2016.

that inspires us


if you are looking for inspiration for how to navigate social justice and how all of us can make a difference. here is a resource to raise our awareness around racial equality and justice by dr. eddie moore.
here is a portrayal of artistry that pierces our hearts and touches our deepest fears and grief. sophia thakur is so eloquently expressing an uncomfortable truth in her spoken word masterpiece.