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at certain intersections in life we are more acutely aware of how precious our time on this earth is. as we face the grief of deep loss or potential loss, the sense of how precious and short life is, becomes more imminent. the urgency of living every moment to the fullest becomes more prominent, and as we pause, we are struck with how often we walk through our days not feeling or living fully. life, right now, is intense and so many of us are facing deep loss, painful loneliness and a throbbing sense of despair, more so than ever before.

this brings up the urge and desire to fully inhabit and feel our own existence, as well as how our life is touching and being touched by all living beings around us. not forgetting to smile and see the beauty around us, from the small and intimate things in life, to the large and expansive pursuits of being human. sometimes we lose sight of an appreciation for what matters in life from the mundane to the extraordinary. 

can we take life in and truly see what is in front of us. to breathe in it. taste the air around us, smell the day whether it offers us sunshine, rain, sleet or snow. can we pause and listen to the rapid wing-beats of the hummingbird as they hover in the air or the sound of our own breath. we are reminded to tell the people around us that they really matter to us and that our lives would be diminished without them in it.

we know that we are blessed and fortunate to live the life that we are currently living. we are able to love each other and the people and beings we hold near. we are grateful to live in healthy bodies that are a precious gift to us as vulnerable human beings. we live most days feeling safe and held my something larger than ourselves. and there are of course moments when we stumble and lose the sight of what we have.

our promise is to continue to return to ourselves and the moment that is right in front of us. to savor this life that we are given to the fullest of our capacity, even in the moments when it hurts or when we feel exhausted. to turn towards love instead of fear, hope instead of despair and gratitude instead of resentment.  to let life in, even in the difficult moments. to life a life we will not regret. we want to notice how it feels to be alive today. this is our prayer and promise for today.

we will end this with the words by carys owen.


forget the dark clouds
they are not worth it
you are the sunshine
and starlight
the secret ingredient
that makes the taste right

you are the final note
in a perfect song
the laugh
that travels airwaves
and the shine
on a drop of rain

you are the surprise
of blue sky
after days of grey
the snowdrop who appears
one january morning
fully formed

you are the breath of fresh air
that everyone needs
in these dark, foetid times
you are all or nothing
the sweetest soul
the wisest word

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