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in solidarity and hope


if you believe in a cause, be willing to stand up for that cause, with a million people or by yourself.” otis s. johnson

breathing matters.

for us, dance is a powerful resource, that cultivates change, growth, liberation, transformation and many other pathways of permission and possibility. yet, for many, who are on the margins of society, these fundamental freedoms of movement are denied. the homeless become invisible – starving children are forgotten – global warming is dismissed – the elderly are expendable – domestic and sexual violence is forgiven – differently-abled are shunned –  black lives are disposable. these, too, are definitions of a pandemic.

we believe that every human being deserves these simple pleasures; to inhale and exhale, to grow to their full potential, to change their stance, to be held in gravity and uplifted by buoyancy, to liberate their minds and to be informed and transformed by moving their bodies through space. a space that is safe enough for you to risk being yourself.  a brave space where we care for each other and share with one another. our hope and prayer is to create a community where each gesture is treated with respect and recognition. a place of sovereignty, where we and all of our movements matter.

through the somatic practices of open floor and soul motion let us uncover, recover and discover all of the ways that we are unique and diverse. may we liberate our bodies and expand our hearts towards becoming our tender, compassionate, alive and engaged selves.

with respect and recognition,

michael & anneli

movements matter:

regenerative agriculture
black lives matter
me too
extinction rebellion
standing rock
take a knee
save our children
gender identity
animal rights
women’s movement
climate change
families together


about us

anneli & michael first received each other dancing and felt that embrace in which two souls re-fuse to become one again. in october of 2011 they were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of their living love.

michael and anneli are living their dream of inspiring people to re-discover and reconnect into their entire self through conscious movement.  they meet life and people with a passion and vulnerability that offers permission to embrace our nature and personal truths. they truly, madly, deeply love life.

they currently have found their way to the pacific northwest where they are nestled in the sanctuary of the olympic forest, surrounded on 3 sides by puget sound, an inlet of the pacific ocean, with snow capped mount baker and mount rainier in the background.  they have wholeheartedly been embraced by the community of port townsend. both individually and collectively as a family, they are growing and knowing their most vibrant and vital selves.

from anneli & michael

black lives matter. it is worth being said over and over again, until hopefully there is a day when it does not need to be expressed again. for us, this is very personal and an integral part of our life, as we stretch and strive for something different, for our precious color-ful son.

no matter what color our skin is, we all have the same desires: to fall in love, take care of ourselves and our dear ones, laugh, find meaning in our lives, feel safe, learn, make mistakes, feel, live, breathe and die. the reality is that so many of us, in this country and in the world, live a totally different reality, without those basic freedoms.

our hope and prayer is that this will change and that we can envision a different future for all our children. a future where it does matter what color your skin is, but where each is treated with equality and justice. a future with more freedoms, where we all matter.

the movements-matter outreach is a dream to spread the medicine and healing of movement beyond the borders of the tapestry of our community. to reach those that have been relegated and regulated to the margins of society. to lift our eyes and hearts further than the periphery of our habitual gaze, towards the hope and prayer of a future where it does matter what is the color your skin, the gender you are in and the prayer of your religion, but where each is treated with equality and justice. a future with more freedoms, where we all matter.

we stay. this is a shortened version of a whole class with dancers being spotlighted (we do not do this in our regular online classes). to view the whole class or find other outreach recordings please visit here

heart notes

our promise to ourselves

our promise to ourselves

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we cannot breathe. black lives matter.

we cannot breathe. black lives matter.

we cannot breathe. black lives matter. it is worth being said over and over again, until hopefully there is a day when it does not need to be expressed again. our…

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in the middle of the turbulence of life

in the middle of the turbulence of life

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A fine line, a thread, weaving our lives
Inherited strands from the ancestors
An umbilical cord to this world

A fragile silken filament
Exquisitely embroidered to your heart
Always the thread

Twisted and twirled into a thick rope
Secured to the moorings
Knotted and tied into a hammock, rested and held
A tangled net – frustration
A string of lights – celebration
Always the thread
Intricately lacing
The earth to our bodies
Our hearts to each other
Our souls and beyond

Play with me, my friend
Each of our threads
Entwined and looped
Romp and leap with me
As we weave the royal blanket
The very fabric of our lives

by jane pujji

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