the weavings of community create a living web of mutual support. these are links to the strands that make up this web. people that are a part of our lives and that have touched us deeply.
embrace race – an organization that is dedicated to raising a brave generation. together.

color of change – an organization that helps you do something real about injustice.

soul motion – a mystical movement ministry that accesses, expresses and embodies our authentic essence.

vincent’s next steps – vincent martinez-grieco.

openfloor – open floor movement practice is a conscious, lively, sweaty, full-on dance inquiry.

open floor dance – our dear friends and jaylan’s fairy godmothers kathy altman and lori saltzman.

andrea juhan – our dear open floor teacher, embodied emotional intelligence.

the 5rhythms® gabrielle roth – a way to turn our wounds into healing, our pain into compassion our fears into creativity.

madrona mindbody institute – fort worden’s well being and movings arts center in port townsend.

continuum montage susan harper – a context for opening imagination to enrich the creative process of being alive.

zuza engler – a journey across the ever changing landscape of the body through the soul in motion.

edgar spieker – a dear friend and extraordinary teacher and brother of the heart.

be moved – master teacher, friend, force of nature, family – camilla steen larsen…sshhh! we love you more!!

winky wheeler –  a dear friend and exceptional teacher, staunch advocate of the earth, sustainability and climate change.

kate-marie mutsaers – a dear friend and passionately gifted teacher who is in deep communion with the earth wherever her soles touch soil.

carmen tarifa – an invitation to re-unite and re-discover ourselves as a community of souls-in- motion

doreen tonjes – welcome here on my site, in a space that I keep open for everyone who wants to arrive – in their body – and in the world.

leela fisk – creates movement sanctuaries – safe spaces for listening into the body in each changing moment.

lynne herbert – inviting you to fall in love with the unique rhythm of your own heart and honor it’s place in the family of things.

m. fernanda rodriguez – dance the beginning, the end & everything in between. dance to thank the life that flows through your being.

sola food co-op – a community owned grocery store in South LA to increase access to natural, organic foods for the community.

esalen institute – spiritual retreat center in big sur california a paradise on this earth.

jeanettewik jeanette wik – holstic health, homeopath and astrology.

outi harma – an amazing artist whose paintings cover most of the walls in our home.

lisbeth scott – she sings to comfort, heal, move, transport and awaken the divine voice within us all.

donna de lory – her voice and sound seem to transcend time and genre.

gina m. puorro – her depth of soul cries in the blank spaces between the words, her poetry, as gentle as a baby’s kiss or a slap that says wake the f _ _ _  up.

carys owen – a kindred spirit who uses language the way picasso uses a brush.

rosemerry wahtola trommer – devouring her poetry is  as sensuous as dark chocolate with himalayan sea salt and a hint of cayenne melting on your tongue.

j. ruth gendler – building bridges from what I know and what I don’t know, between parts of myself, between myself and others, between past and future.

jane pujju – an extra ordinary poet offering healing remedies to our hearts and souls.

kai siedenburg – a witch whose words waxes and wanes the wonders and woes of a human, being.

caroline harvey – they shoot from the hip and take no prisoners with poetic precision that pierces and penetrates. a language for which we have no defenses.

cake jewelry – meike, an exquisite gem of a human being and extraordinary designer of dessert apparel. all can be made gluten free :-}

la dance collective – a space where dancers have the opportunity to fully explore and express physically, emotionally and relationally.

movinground  jo cobbett – an exploration, a meditation, a journey into the body through movement


julian walker yoga – a blend of soulful music, poetry, psycho-spiritual themes and innovative sequencing.

morgan doctor – extraordinary percussionist whose music pierces the soul and lifts the spirit.

ellen watson – an organization providing esalen massage, dance and yoga retreats and training.

katheryn trenshaw – creative expression with spirit art and workshops.

david conklin – a talented local photographer in port townsend.

jen lee light – a magically talented local photographer in port townsend.

jens wazel – a great photographer and a soul motion colleague.

reggie garrett – an amazingly gifted and soul-stirring musician