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a private movement experience with michael
a personal and private pilgrimage stitched around you and your intention.
a body-based exploration, fueled by the heart, imagined within the mind, and woven together through the soul.
a sojourn as individual as your own fingerprints, crafted out of your dna and dreams, your hopes and aspirations, your wounds and gifts.
a passage catalyzed by movement inquiry, ritual, ceremony, mentoring, poetry, prayer, sound, and silence. you and i, we, will create a brave space together, where you can risk going out to your edge, while daring to be present and centered just as you are.
there are no pre-planned prescriptions, formulas, maps or recipes. i have no answers, but love hanging out in the quest and questions with you, moving within the mystery and shining the light of curiosity into the dark and dangerous places along the path. you will always have complete sovereignty as we co-author your experience into the deep waters. i will nudge when needed, incite and ignite when necessary, offer unconditional support, hold the high watch while witnessing, and the common ground that joins us.
trust and transparency will be our allies, respect and recognition our guides. you call forth my deepest reverence and gratitude for entrusting me to walk with you on this journey.

price for a single 1-alongside-1 session $75
price for a bundle of five 1-alongside-1 sessions $300
if you want to deepen the conversation

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