soul motion: online teacher training part 2 ‘mastery to mystery’
we are excited to embark on our second online teacher training. we choose this format because we can create an intimate, indiviudalized experience that is augmented by guest teachers who share their specific wisdom, perspecitves and passion. this is our second online teacher training. the first was an amazing, deep and wondrous experience, full of growth, humor and connection.
we welcome you to join us on this next deep dive.
[part two of the soul motion teacher training program]
led by michael molin-skelton, winky wheeler and extraordinary guest teachers.

enrollment for this online training is kept intentionally small to create an intimate learning atmosphere. the group size enables a meaningful cultivation of connections and it meets you where you are on your teaching path. the Immersions are carefully crafted to bring out the most relevant information, while supporting the practical development of your teaching skills, including: understanding the nature of class structure, musical choices and the use of metaphor, poetry and story telling. underlying all of this learning, is the nurturing of your ability to be a resourced and resilient teacher.
for those who join us on this journey, you’ll receive individual mentoring sessions with michael and winky. these focus on your individual development, explore your specific questions, strengthen your skills and embrace the expression of your unique teaching creativity. the mentor sessions are included.
in addition to practical skills and mentoring, we believe that good teachers develop through practice and support. the program is full of support, and this format brings the unqiue benefit for you to practice teaching, online, to your cohort. supervised by michael and winky, these weekly sessions are a place for you to experiment and hone your new skills. fun, inspiring and exciting, these teaching opportunities build confidence, community and enable us to learn together.
whether it is a whisper or an irresistible pull, we invite you to take this deep, deep dive into the enriching process of becoming a soul motion teacher.


immersion I: october 25 – 29, 2023
connecting: series of six online weekly classes
led by teachers in training [dates/times: TBA]
immersion II: january 10 – 14, 2024
connecting: series of six online weekly classes
led by teachers in training [dates/times: TBA]
immersion III: march 13- 17, 2024
connecting: series of twelve online weekly classes
led by teachers in training [dates/times: TBA]
final celebration: june 14-16, 2024
limited to 12
$3,400 US
taught in english without translation
contact us if you have translation requests. we are working on translated programs!

questions and registration

for  questions either contact michael or winky. for registration contact winky.