soul motion: online teacher training part one ’embodied leadership’

join us as we gather across borders and oceans to develop skills, deepen awareness, rearrange the familiar, create connection. together we attend to being EmBodied leaders of a world that is baffling and beautiful.

[part one of the soul motion teacher training program]
led by michael molin-skelton, winky wheeler, kate-marie mutsaers  and extraordinary guest teachers. 
we are living in an extraordinary world with much uncertainty.  within these times, living a rich, meaningful and connected life that enhances the communities you move within, is essential.  this program is a deep dive into specific ways to meet the rise and fall of each moment with grounded embodiment and a heightened ability to source and cultivate insights from a rich internal life.  together you grow your capacity to live in the world in meaningful relationships and as an embodied leader.  this carefully designed program supports and guides you.
the first two workshops within this program [beginning and deepening], focus on expanding your physical understanding of the soul motion movement platforms.  through embodied explorations and specifc guidance, you will strengthen self trust, and enhance your unique inner wisdom.  during the first months you will begin to focus your attention on one of the soul motion movement platforms.  then with the support of your personal mentor and a six week series of classes embedded in this program, you arrive at the third module with an enriched, intimate understanding of this body of work which is grown from your personal experience.
the program culminates with shared personal reflections of each individual journey.  we listen and learn from the breadth of our diversity, while resting in the notion that all points of view expand the richness of community.
the online format of this program offers an accessible and unique opportunity to dance from the intimacy of your home. from here you can immediately put into practice what you are learning.  there is no gap, no rarefied workshop experience.  in its place is the invitation to immediately bring illumination of your movement inquiries directly into your life.


we look forward to sharing this moving adventure with you!
beginning: march 22-26,2023
connecting: series of six weekly classes led by the mentors [dates and times: TBA]
deepening & expanding: may 26 – 28, 2023
continuing: 4 weekly sessions with lead teachers
moving together: june 28 – july 2, 2023
$3,400 US
taught in english without translation
contact us if you have translation requests. we are working on translated programs!

questions and registration

for  questions either contact michael or winky. for registration contact winky.