Seeds of Ordinary Beauty in Freiburg

a weekend workshop with michael
september  22-24, 2023 in freiburg, germany.

“beauty will dance with anyone
who is brave enough to ask her”
j. ruth gendler

living in a time of staggering crisis—personal, relational, social, environmental—we are often left vacant and numbed or overwhelmed and consumed by what’s wrong, ugly, distasteful, out of sync. despair seems to be the currency of our global pandemic, with a stranglehold on our hopes and dreams.

what if our willingness to source and celebrate beauty makes more beauty possible. what if any act of kindness, kissing a child’s scraped knee, smiling at a stranger, drinking in the scent of a flower, plants the seeds for more beauty and love to bloom in the world. let’s attend to the soil of our lives, inner and outer, to accumulate and cultivate the seeds of simple beauty.

through the lens of curiosity, wonder and awe, we will use movement, poetry, art, witnessing and ritual to hone our hearts and sing to our souls, the potent and powerful healing and unifying qualities of diverse and unique beauty.

price: 225 € 

early bird if paid by : 200 € 

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