rest and restoration Freiburg 2023

a weekend workshop with michael
february 10-12, 2023 in freiburg, germany.

all along 
the way,

but i
was going
too fast 
to read


kai siedenburg

what if, rather than being alarmed into the rush hour traffic of our lives, we poured ourselves into the expansive, blank canvas of the morning dew. what if, today, you did nothing required and everything inspired; nothing related to mastery and everything offered to the mystery; “nothing with a deadline and everything with a lifeline”. what if, your practice and purpose was to abide in silence and stillness…to find solace and sanctuary within the turbulence of our lives, where we can retreat and be renewed.

to rest is not self-indulgent…to rest is to reestablish an open relationship with the natural exchange of life; breath. to reconnect to the simple act of a body being breathed. to linger in the gap between the inhale and the exhale, between inspiration and expression, between giving and receiving. to align with the softer rhythms of nature imploring us to slow down.

adrienne maree brown says, “practice only puts into place what we are practicing”. this is an invitation to come together and practice pausing and pampering, relaxing and refreshing, being held rather than holding on. using the restorative resources of soul motion we will rest in movement and stillness, sound and silence, poetry, art and our shared collective dreams.

price: 250 € 

early bird: 210 €

for more info or questions or to register please contact janos at