More together than alone online workshop regular price




saturday september 5th

9:00am-2:00pm (PDT)

12:00-5:00pm new york | central european time 18:00-23:00 | london 17:00-22:00

on zoom.

a 1 day online workshop with michael & anneli molin-skelton

while many of us are being forced to shelter in place, perhaps what is being asked of us, is to grow in place; to nurture our common roots by which we all branch out and touch the world. from this corner of isolation, will fear force us to turn against one another or will faith encourage us to turn toward each other? what habits of separation are knotted within us and between us and how can we practice and promote unraveling the (k)nots?

if another world is possible, it’s this one; revised, revisited and revealed through our struggle to uncover the common territory and the common story that lingers in the truth of our individual journeys. we will practice on the open floor through movement inquiry, clear witnessing, shared stories and ritual. we will explore and expand the commons that celebrate our diverse and unique gifts and the threads of humanity which are forever singing, we are never alone. may we build something together that cannot be built alone.


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