hearth of belonging


hearth of belonging

In this workshop using the awakening energy of dancing through Soul Motion we will move with the grace of our belonging and the struggles of our exclusion. Through the organismic movements and sounding in the inquiry style of Continuum Montage we will explore the intelligent dynamics of the elements -water, air, fire, earth, and space – in our bodies; deepening our inherent connection to our wild breathing planetary body.

Through movement and ritual, we will explore the meaning of how and where we belong in ourselves and our lives, and the places we feel exiled from ourselves and others. We will actively step into the participation required to belong, responding to the call that stirs a deep inner longing to fall into the place we call home. We will experience the possibility of resting through our bodies and listening to the silences within; to trust and surrender as gravity repeatedly tells us “i have a place for you: it is called here.”


workshop price depends on the accommodation.

Esalen is truly a “womb with a view.” It’s beauty and grace have called seekers to immerse themselves for hundreds of years. It is a place to bathe in the healing hot springs which flow out of the veins of the fertile soil on the jagged coast line of the Big Sur mountains. We ask you again to please join us on this journey if you too are called.

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For questions or for more information please contact us either by email or call us at 310-839-3187.

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Susan brings 35 years of somatic wisdom gifted to the world through the movement practice of Continuum Montage utilizing breath, sound, micro-movement and wave motion. In addition she brings her extensive work in Em’oceans and Sensations, Body of Perception, Dreamtime Gatherings and a profound and potent use of ritual. To find out more about Susan please visit her website at www.continuummontage.com.