heart notes

A time to begin again

As we are walking into this new year we wish for your dreams to come true. May this new year bring you many opportunities to nourish the calling for solitude and to be awakened as you connect with others and the world around you. In the darkest time of the year we are tuning and turning inward […]

When everything falls into place

Life is often both unpredictable and full of surprises even in the moments when we think and feel that we have both our feet very solidly planted on the ground. After almost two years beginning to build a new life in Portland Oregon we spent two days in Port Townsend where Michael has spent many […]

Have the courage to start close in

As David Whyte reminds us to start close in: “Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take.” Do we dare to take that first step, to have the courage to stand close to ourselves and see ourselves for […]

Happy Father’s day

Jaylan and I are celebrating you pappa Michael on this day as well as every moment. You are an amazing father who from before birth has tended and supported Jaylan like no one else ever will. The way you stand beside Jaylan to experience the world through his eyes and speak up for him when […]

a tale of two cities

it is the dead of winter in los angeles (yeah I know, high 72 degrees-low 59) and 16 month old jaylan is toddling around in our front yard… naked.   a nondescript car drives by, slows and backs up. a window rolls down and a woman leans over from the passenger seat and bellows, “that is […]

my worst fear

  Fear is shaking my nervous system. Thoughts racing through my brain; I know I should have taken the child CPR class, this cannot happen, i will not lose my little child, am I loosing you my dear one?  My worst fear is right in front of me.  I dial 9-1-1 and wait for them […]

heart of parenting

Our journey as parents is immensely wild and vulnerable. We are committed to parent from our hearts and we are making a difference, we stumble and we try again. Our hearts expand and open in ways we thought were never possible. Being a parent makes us realize that we would do anything for this little […]