Happy Father’s day

Jaylan and I are celebrating you pappa Michael on this day as well as every moment. You are an amazing father who from before birth has tended and supported Jaylan like no one else ever will. The way you stand beside Jaylan to experience the world through his eyes and speak up for him when he does not have the voice himself. You inspire and teach me how it is possible to father a child in a gentle and respectful way. In moments when my patients fail and I am not able to be the mother I long to be you are right beside me reminding me to see the truth in the moment. Your unconditional love and support reminds my heart that life is a true blessing. We love you more pappa Michael.

Anneli & Michael

michael and anneli are living their dream inspiring people to re-disover and settle into their entire self through conscious movement. they meet life and people with a passion and vulnerability that offers permission to embrace our nature and personal truths. they truly, madly, deeply love life.