Soul Motion®: Sanctuary of Self Karlsruhe

august, 2020

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“To love yourself, start here” em claire

What does it feel like to be you?  We can ask ourselves this question over and over again, and receive a startling range of responses.  Sometimes we recognize the voice as our own, and sometimes it seems foreign or alien.  As we deepen our intimate connection to ourselves we find confusing polarities within, some parts that we want to embrace, and some that we want to discard.  It is within this fractured state that we long to return to our true nature, and take refuge in the sanctuary of self.

Through the embodied practice of Soul Motion we initiate a sacred journey of returning to wholeness, inviting all parts of ourselves to be noticed and known.  As we step into our authentic nature, we learn to deeply listen to the longings of the disparate parts of us that only want to be integrated and engage in a life of harmony.  It is in the turning towards everything within us that creates a sanctuary of self, where all parts are welcome and true refuge can be found.


friday, august 21st, 2020 - sunday, august 23rd, 2020



Karlsruhe, Germany



michael molin-skelton