Soul Motion®: Embers of the Soul

august, 2020

fri28augAll Daysun30Soul Motion®: Embers of the Soul(All Day) Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Event Organized By: Edgar Speiker Event Type :Workshop Teacher: michael molin-skelton & edgar spieker

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It is a paradox. We live together in large cities with many people around us. Yet there is a growthing sense of loneliness.

Individualism and independency are highly appreciated. And for many of us life sometimes appears to be a race. But whereto?

Do we have to rush in order to become happy? Do we have to pretend that all is well when in fact we feel alone? Do we have to be strong when in fact we crave for a shoulder to lean on?

As Marc Nepo says:

Nothing compares to the sensation
of being alive in the company of
another. It is God breathing on
the embers of our soul.

At this weekend we will initiate a shift from solitude to solidarity. Through the dance we will explore ways to connect to others in a compassionate way that does not deny diversity and difference. We will practice to be seen and see with the eyes of the heart and belly. We let go of covering the cracks in our hearts because that’s where the breath gets in.

This workshop will be mainly taught in English with small parts translated into German


friday, august 28th, 2020 - sunday, august 30th, 2020



Hamburg, Germany




michael molin-skelton & edgar spieker