Dance celebration and fundraiser for Mati

Mati Vargas-Gibson

1964 – 2022…

Saying goodbye to a coastline is like saying goodbye to a lover, or a dear dear friend.
All my heart wishes and hopes we’ll meet again.
Our relationship has created homeplace.
I promise I will return. 
Diana Tigerlily (dear friend of Mati's)

In the Hispanic tradition there are 3 deaths. The first death is when the body ceases to function and we release our last breath. The second is when the body is lowered into the ground, returned to Mother Earth. The third death, the most definitive, is when there is no one left alive to remember you or speak your name.

Online Saturday March 5th from 9:00-10:30am (PST)

We will gather online to move, rage, remember and celebrate our dear friend Mati through the dance. This is a movement ceremony to honor a life lived fiercely and compassionately. If you don’t know Mati, but would like to celebrate someone you’ve lost that was near and dear to you, our circle will provide a sanctuary for your prayers. Please join us in this movement ritual.

Our desire is to raise funds to the family of Mati, who are battling the astronomical medical bills of getting sick in this country. Any donation is very welcomed and appreciated. 

We would like to offer you this ritual, a prayer made visible, which we are lovingly borrowing from Mati’s beloved husband Brian:

“I had some things I wanted to say to Mati. Her decline in her last days left us quietly together, but there were things the situation couldn’t let me say, so I wrote her a long letter tonight and addressed it:


I started a fire and posted it in the flames, then watched the sparks take it Elsewhere. It was strangely comforting.”

If you feel called please bring pen and paper to our dance celebration and we will write letters to Mati or to the lost departed one you are grieving, address it to Elsewhere, and later you are invited to post it in the flames and watch the sparks dancing it to Elsewhere. Also please bring a candle and several stones.

Zoom Information 

Join Zoom dance for Mati

Date: Saturday March 5th at 9:00-10:30am (PST)

Meeting ID: 880 4438 2670
Passcode: Mati

Please check here to ensure the correct start time where you are (the class is Seattle time PST):